What does Christmas do?

Yes ... it's very soon going to be 'that time' again. Unsurprisingly, our cult festive hit of last year is to be re-released ('cult' = not enough people bought it ...) Amazingly, it's still tops the Playlist Charts at Matchbox Recordings, having dropped to the ignominious position of No 2 for a short while during the year. Mr Olivier - owner of said company and a very fine fellow indeed - has promised to make it available for download via HMV, Woolworth's and all sorts of interesting places, so anything's possible ... ;-) Release date is set for December 1st, so if you're not left feeling blue and don't have better things to do, maybe it's a date your looking forward to (Ed - an unfunny series of references to lines in the chorus of aforementioned song ... sorry).

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