Ten years

It's all change again. Steve and the Kiddie have co-written a very catchy tune, titled as above, which will be recorded in September. If this proves to be as good as we think it will be, it will be released in mid-October as FP's third single and Archie will become the title track of our second album. Tracklist for 'Archie saves the world': 1) Archie saves the world; 2) Ten years; 3) Dedication; 4) The Courtneys of Ballantry; 5) Swallowed up whole; 6) Where were you Sunday?; 7) Ginny; 8) You never write; 9) Something new; 10) Deal with me; 11) Nothing else applies 12) Waves Keep in touch - we're getting there but ... things change. Experience can taint your point of view ;)

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