Archie saves the world

It's been a while ... Just to let you know where we are, we have postponed further work on the album, due to various logistical problems, plus the odd financial constraint ... or two. However, we will record and release a new single in time for summer. Unsurprisingly, it's entitled 'Archie saves the world' and we think it just might be the one. If it flies, the album will surely follow. And on that album, Steve Jones's masterpiece, written earlier this year and, for sure, the follow up single: 'Deal with me'. With other major songs, including 'Swallowed up whole', 'Dedication' and 'What we do', this will undoubtedly be FP's finest hour ... but it all depends on Archie ... and where he sleeps tonight ... trust me, this will make sense eventually ... :)

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