Amber Green - Tracklist changes

Sorry about this but artistc temprement and recording delays, along with new, improved tunes being written on a more or less daily basis, means that the 'Amber Green' tracklist hasn't quite been bedded down. So far, we have lost 'Two days before Wednesday', 'Something new' and 'What girl' - all good songs (check 'SN' out on the site) - but now not good enough for what is turning out to be a potentially classic album. Latest list: Amber Green Living again Swallowed up whole Dedication (juwanna dance?) By the way Ginny The Courtneys of Ballantry With every move you make That song Controlled emotion (Featuring Briony Ace) Nothing else applies Takeaway The opening single has yet to be decided, though is definiteley between 2 tracks. The most likely is 'Dedication (Juwanna dance?)', purely and simply because it's an obvious single. However, 'By the way' is a perfectly constructed, country-folk masterpiece and may well be selected purely on its class. We hope to preview demo versions of 3 tunes here by the end of June - the 2 already mentioned plus 'Swallowed up whole'. Then we may seek feedback. Keep smiling!

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