Well the kids are all fed and the plates are all clean There's a hole in his head but he's not what he's been Was it something he said; was it something obscene? Why do the lights stay red on Amber Green? A new album will be released in August 2008. A single - consisting of Steve Jones's best song to date, "Swallowed up whole" and his most commercial, "Dedication (juwanna dance)" - will be released a couple of weeks earlier. This is very, very exciting stuff. Produced by Stevie "fancy a cappuccino?" Williams and featuring 2 lead vocals from Briony Ace, it begins and ends with songs of epic proportions and is filled throughout the middle with FP at their very best. Watch out for Briony's "Controlled emotion"; the 3 minute pop masterpiece "That song"; the Beatle-esque "With every move you make"; the title track, as lyrically complex as Steve has ever been and, hopefully if the recording goes well, the pièce de résistance - the album closer - "Takeaway". Stay tuned here and we'll preview the tracks when they're nearly ready. Oops, nearly forgot to mention the saddest song on the album ..."What girl?" There really is too much to look forward to here ...

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