Based in London or Manchester (England) depending on what day it is, the music is, to say the least, eclectic. Songwriting influences range from Dylan to Radiohead with touches of Beatles thrown in for good measure. Styles featured on their debut album vary from electronica to bluegrass and one or two places in between. The overall feel, though, is of 'pop' in the old sense of the word. The forthcoming second album, 'Bad Jenga', is a natural progression from 'Foil for a girl in a posh frock', further affirming the band's desire to perform and present 'proper songs'. The band consists of some or all of the following personnel, from time to time: Steve Jones - acoustic guitar / vocals Robert "the kiddie" Burton - electric guitar / vocals Bruno Newman - keyboards / guitars / vocals Briony Ace - vocals Stevie Williams - Bass 'Hear the Paul Simon school of subtlety, importance, and melody. One of the finest CDs we've heard this year. Undeniable musical artistry.' (Don Kimenker, founder, earBuzz.com)