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French Possession: News

What does Christmas do? - November 6, 2007

Stop press: the first ever Christmas single on Matchbox Recordings will be French Possession's 'What does Christmas do?'
Dale Olivier, Director/Head of Music/A&R at Matchbox describes it as "major label material" and "seriously classic".
It will be available to listen to on this site and tomorrow.

Matchbox love us! - October 20, 2007

Check Out the FP coverage on Matchbox Recordings Website:

MySpace - October 20, 2007

For the duration of the Triple A Release, we will be concentrating our efforts on MySpace. Please feel free to join our friends there. Go to:

Ontario Independent Music Awards - October 16, 2007

'Nothing else applies' has been nominated for Best International Song at the Ontario Independent Music awards to be held in Toronto next month.

Triple A Released Today - September 24, 2007

Triple A is now available from a multitude of establishments: from iTunes to Amazon;from CD Baby to Matchbox CD Store. Time for another beer methinks - you're buying!!!

'Something New' #2 in Oz !!! - June 15, 2007

Despite not quite making Triple A, 'Something New' is going down well down under:

PROGRAM : World Indie Top 40 Countdown
WEEK : 23
01. "today" - dee girard (manu cornuta records)
02. "something new" - french possession (french possession)
03. "life cycles" - ricochet (rampant records)

Courtneys and NEA join Ginny in LA! - June 12, 2007

'The Courtneys of Ballantry' and 'Nothing else applies' have now been added to the iRadio LA playlist, thereby ensuring that Triple A has crossed the pond ...

French Possession on MySpace - June 8, 2007

At last us laggards have given in: we've all bought iPods and now we are at long last on MySpace. All for the sake of Triple A! Check it out:

FP played in LA! - June 8, 2007

iRadio LA has selected "Ginny" for their current playlist rotation. Check it out here:

Triple A is ... ready ... kind of - May 15, 2007

Final mastering took place last night. The files will be sent to Matchbox tomorrow and a release date will be announced in due course. For now, please visit the music section and listen to Triple A.

FP sign up for single deal with Matchbox - April 26, 2007

French Possession's first ever single - Triple A - will be released on the Matchbox Recordings label. As advertised in this week's NME, the single will be released in the summer: possibly June but more likely July. Next week's recording session at Resident will be to finish off 'Ginny' and record the the opening track: 'Nothing else applies'. Check out this site or to hear all 3 tunes from May 7th 2007.

Triple A - April 10, 2007

French Possession will release their first single in June 2007. As previously promised, it will be a Triple A-side, comprising the following tracks:

1 Nothing else applies
2 The Courtneys of Ballantry
3 Ginny

Recording will be completed at the end of April with the final mix and mastering in May. It will retail at the ridiculously low price of £1.99 in the UK ($3.99 in the US).

More soon ...

2007 Singer / Songwriter Awards - April 5, 2007

In order to check that our new stuff is still ok, we submitted our last 2 tracks - 'The Courtneys of Ballantry' and 'Ginny' - to the Internationally renowned Singer / Songwriter Awards. BOTH tracks received an honourable mention, with the following explanation:

Artists with Honourable Mentions are those that the judges could not agree on and, therefore, had to be listened to several times and submitted for multiple listening pools. We award you with an Honourable Mention because, ultimately, your submission was very strong.

We should have won, of course, but it's still nice to be appreciated :-).

Nothing Else Applies - April 4, 2007

Resident is booked again at the end of April to record our first muder mystery epic, 'Nothing else applies'. Remember ... it's your life; turn it round. (I worry about myself sometimes.)

Hopefully, if there's time, we will finally finish 'Ginny', which, despite its current level of incompleteness, is receiving a great deal of positive feedback from those who have heard it.

The Courtneys of Ballantry - February 28, 2007

Here we go 2,3,4 ... for your delectation and delight, pop over to the Music section and listen to the first mix of The Courtneys of Ballantry. Also, you will find a much more soulful version of Ginny - mainly due it being sung by a proper singer for a change.

'Wear and tear' #3 in Oz! - February 7, 2007

PROGRAM : World Indie Top 40 Countdown
WEEK : 4
01. "a better place" - anthony nieves
02. "monster surf party" - the barbarellatones
03. "wear and tear" - french possession

The Courtneys of Ballantry - January 11, 2007

French Possession have booked Resident for some more recording in February. They hope to finish work on 'Ginny' and begin work on 2 brand new tunes: 'That Song' and 'The Courtneys of Ballantry', which thus far is a strong contender for title track of Album #2.

"Wear and tear #7 in Oz! - January 1, 2007

Yes, FP once again rule the Australian Charts, leaping to #7 in Ison Live Radio's World Indie Top 40 with "Wear and tear". This follows previous 2006 successes for "Frail Beauty" (#12) and "Roch Valley High" (#2).
Oh ... almost forgot: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

French Possession in NME! - December 30, 2006

Matchbox Recordings have placed an ad in this week's NME to promote their "Big Indie Comeback" album. They have singled out French Possession as an example of the work they do:
'English band, French Possession has been making quite a name for themselves with their debut album, “Foil For A Girl in a Posh Frock.” ... "Roch Valley High" is an infectious pop song with great melodies and hooks…' Check it out - Page 39!

'Something New' finished; 'Ginny' started - November 27, 2006

Progress is slowly being made at Resident. We've finished one and started another! Hear both in their current state over in the 'Music Samples' section ...

Big Indie Comeback released - November 3, 2006

As mentioned before, we're on track 13 (not bad out of 60!) Buy or listen to it here:

Something New - October 26, 2006

It's not quite finished, but you can hear it in the 'Music Samples' section. We're hoping to finish it next Monday when Briony turns up ...

Triple A - Session 1 - October 12, 2006

French Possession will make their first trip to the studios for several months on Monday October 23rd. They will be recording 'Something new', which is indeed an unfeasibly appropriate title, all things considered. The song will be featured in the 'Music' section as soon as it's finished. The other 2 tracks, 'Ginny' and 'Takeaway', will be recorded in November.

'Wear and tear' wins award. - October 9, 2006

'Wear and tear' has been selected as Top Twenty Finalist Winner in the UniSong International Songwriting Competition (Rock/Alternative section). Steve Jones (who wrote the song) refused to get carried away - so the men in white coats will make a further attempt next week ...

Big Indie Comeback - October 9, 2006

'Roch Valley High' is featured on 'The Big Indie Comeback Volume 2', released by Matchbox Recordings on 30 October 2006. It will be available for purchase on CD Baby, Amazon, Super D, Best Buy and many digital sites. See 'Images' section for view of cover.
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